Our Clinics Are Open

Northwest Florida Community Hospital is proud to announce the Use of Telehealth in the NFCH Clinics “YOUR DOC 2 U”! Telehealth is the use of an interactive audio and video telecommunication platform that permits real – time communication between the provider and the patient at home. Please call your NFCH Clinic to request an invitation to “YOUR DOC 2U” and have a visit with your doctor in the comfort of your home!

If you’re a new patient or prefer to come into one of our affiliate clinics to see the practitioner in person, please call the clinic when you arrive in the parking lot. The clinic receptionist will review your complaint and give you further instructions. You may have a car-side visit or an in-office depending on your medical condition. It is our goal to meet your healthcare needs.

NFCH is striving to do all things possible to protect our patients while still providing high quality health care.

“Your Health….
Our Mission”


Click on the YOUR DOC 2 U link for more information on using Telehealth and the BLUM app.