Women’s Imaging Services

Self-Referral Mammogram Program

When detected early, breast cancer has nearly a 100% survival rate. Mammography screening is the best way to detect breast cancer in its earlier stages and can save lives.

Northwest Florida Community Hospital is now providing a new, self-referral mammogram program. We are proud to be designated as a Pink Ribbon Facility. A female Radiology Technician is on staff to perform the mammography screening.

Northwest Florida Community Hospital is going soft on mammography. Yes, that’s right. We at Northwest Florida Community Hospital are offering women a softer mammogram. Each woman will receive her very own MammoPad soft cushion. This makes the mammogram much more comfortable, and warmer.

At NFCH, we utilize 3D Mammography testing, which is a fast, non-invasive type of breast imaging that uses a low-dose of x-rays to examine the breast for abnormalities, and can even show changes in breasts up to two years before patients or physicians can physically detect them!
Mammograms are covered by most insurances, and with NFCH’s unique self-referral program you can request testing without a physician’s order.
A mammography screening only takes about 15 minutes…and could
help save your life!

Get your screening mammogram today at Northwest Florida Community Hospital. Do it for yourself and everyone that loves you.

Call 850-415-8111 today to schedule your screening.