Women’s Imaging Services

Self-Referral Mammogram Program

When detected early, breast cancer has nearly a 100% survival rate. Mammography screening is the best way to detect breast cancer in its earlier stages and can save lives.

Northwest Florida Community Hospital is now providing a new, self-referral mammogram program. We are proud to be designated as a Pink Ribbon Facility. A female Radiology Technician is on staff to perform the mammography screening.

Northwest Florida Community Hospital is going soft on mammography. Yes, that’s right. We at Northwest Florida Community Hospital are offering women a softer mammogram. Each woman will receive her very own MammoPad soft cushion. This makes the mammogram much more comfortable, and warmer. Get your screening mammogram today at Northwest Florida Community Hospital. Do it for yourself and everyone that loves you.


Bone Density Scanning – is an enhanced form of low dose x-ray technology and is the gold standard for measuring the density of your bones. Bones densitometry is the test for evaluation of osteoporosis. The measurement of bone minerals is very closely related to bone strength and your likelihood for bone fractures. Here at Northwest Florida Community Hospital, we scan your spine or hip in a private room. It is a simple, painless and non-invasive procedure which takes about 15 minutes.